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"The Cooper Collection"

Cooper Collection

A Collection of books and stories by Bill Bernico about a family run private investigation agency in Hollywood.

Already Released

"Big Bone Lick - The Cradle of American Paleontology" By Stanley Hedeen - Release Date February, 2014

Big Bone Lick

"Big Bone Lick: The Cradle of American Paleontology" recounts the rich history of the fossil site that gave the world the first evidence of the extinction of several mammalian species, including the American mastodon. Big Bone Lick has played many roles: nutrient source, hallowed ground, salt mine, health spa,and a rich trove of wonders. Stanley Hedeen presents a comprehensive narrative of Big Bone Lick from its geological formation forward, explaining why the site attracted animals, regional tribespeople, Europeanexplorers and scientists, and eventually American pioneers.

"Weary of White People" By AHB - Release Date January 2014

Weary Of White People

A short story/rant describing the top ten reasons one should be "Weary Of White People"

"Treasure Of The Anasazi A Jack Trader Adventure" By Michael R. Watson - Release Date December 2013

Treasure Of The Anasazi

It is 1953. The Anasazi are in extreme danger deep within the Restricted Area of Mesa Verde. The journal of a past Indian agent is found with entries about the Anasazi and a treasure. Now, treasure hunters threaten to discover and destroy their village. Nothing will get in their way. A spirit, befriended by the Anasazi, asks for Jack Trader's help. He joins forces with Ranger Samantha Baker to stop the threat before it's too late. As a last resort, the Anasazi will take matters into their own hands. They are the 'coyote people ', able to transform with deadly consequences.

"Killing Instinct (Michael Sykora Novel)" By Carcia Helle - Release Date October, 2013

Killing Instinct

"Sandman built his dubious reputation by turning the dreams and nightmares of others into harsh reality. Now he's pursuing his own twisted dream; the beautiful Maria Milan. But she doesn't want to become a player in Sandman's sordid fantasy. Michael Sykora is a hit man who kills for justice. Sean Riley is a hit man born to kill. Together, they're out to take down Sandman and his organization. Whether mercy is given depends on who catches him first."

"The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin: Stories, Jests, and Donkey Tales of the Beloved Persian Folk Hero" By Ron Suresha - Release Date August 5, 2013

Mullah Nasrudin

Once, when young Nasruddin was acting up in class by distracting his classmates with endless antics, jests, and stories, his irate teacher uttered a curse: ''Whatever you do or say, wherever you go or stay, whether it's night or day - people will only laugh at you.'' Now, eight centuries later, people everywhere are still laughing at the immortal Mullah Nasruddin, one of the world's most beloved folk characters. This entertaining and insightful retelling of the Nasruddin corpus by noted anthologist and lifelong Nasruddin devotee Ron J. Suresha brings the beloved Persian folk hero into the 21st Century. With more than 343 stories (seven parts each with seven sections of at least seven stories), this collection easily becomes the definitive English anthology of Mullah Nasruddin wit and wisdom. Storytellers, folklorists, Sufis, comedians, spiritual seekers, and everyone who loves to laugh will be enriched and enlightened by the Mullah's uncommon sense of humor.

"The Hidden Crystal" By Daniel Gimness - Release Date June 12, 2013

Death In Chinatown

"Sarac, a young student magician is beaten and cast aside when Alena, a priestess he loves is captured and carried off to sea by marauders who torch his village in search of the Crystal of Fire. Sarac resolves to rescue Alena, though doesn't realize that his urgent quest is part of a greater purpose; the Crystal of Fire is one of four Crystals of Power ancient Wizards created to prevent the terrible planetary upheaval their world suffers every one thousand years. Sarac must find the Crystals of Power and unite them before the Fall Equinox when the red planet Nibiru comes into alignment with their planet or all will be lost."

"Death in Chinatown" By Isaac Ho - Release Date April, 2013

Death In Chinatown

"In San Francisco, the brutal murder of a Chinatown businessman sets off a deadly chain reaction that exposes a long dormant blood feud. The spotlight falls on his eldest son Joe Sung, an aspiring folk singer, who must now evade death at the hands of a rival tong. At the same time, his girlfriend Maya gets caught in the crossfire as she digs deep into his family's hidden past."

"The Tao of Kenny Loggins" By Dennis Waller - Release Date March, 2013

The Tao of Kenny Loggins

"I simply needed to know I was wanted," Kenny Loggins once said. This comes from a man who knew how much people loved him and adored his songs, from a man who has been probably more productive in his life than ninety nine percent of the population, from a man who lived his life discovering His Way, His Tao, and never stopped. There's a lesson to be learned here, the lesson that the great thinkers of the ages, from Laozi (Lao Tzu), Buddha and Christ, to "enlightened" era philosophers like Kant, Hegel and Schopenhauer, to the modern spiritual leaders and thinkers of our age have been pondering and yet still do not have the answer to - "Can A Man Reach Perfection, the Spirit, the Divine, if you will?" Or perhaps there's no need to actually reach perfection and it is indeed the Way, the Tao that is our lives, that matters the most? Are we drifting aimlessly in a sea of change or are we looking for a beacon to guide us? For Kenny Loggins, that connection to the spiritual has always been his ability to, as he put it, " Stop and listen to the song playing in my head."

"Project Blue Book Exposed" By Kevin Randle - Release Date March 14, 2013

Project Blue Book Exposed
"Just as the first wave of flying saucer sightings ended in the summer of 1947, the military began a project to investigate those reports. For twenty-two years, the Air Force attempted to learn what it could about the phenomena they called UFOs. During those years, they investigated more than twelve-thousand sightings including landings, occupant reports, photographs, radar cases, and intercepts by military jet fighters. In many instances plausible explanations were advanced, but nearly one-thousand sightings were marked as unidentified. More importantly, some reports are tagged with labels that don't fit the facts. Too many witnesses were ignored, too much evidence was overlooked, too much misinformation was tacked on so that convenient labels could be attached. These are the cases investigated by Project Blue Book Exposed, and exhaustive study of previously classified files"

"The Importance of the Tao" By Dennis Waller

The Importance of the Tao

"This essay is an introduction on the Tao Te Ching exploring the three points of truth, love and the interconnectedness of the life. It is written in a modern style using the pop music of Kenny Loggins, Bruce Springsteen, and David Gates to illustrate the points. The purpose of this essay is to serve as a companion to the Tao Te Ching. It is for those who wish to dive deeper into the essence of the Tao while living in the modern world. It also shows how after all these years, the Tao is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. It offers an interesting and unique look at one of the most important text of mankind."

"Montana Stories" By Tim Dailey

Montana Stories
"When Hank leaves South Dakota for Montana, he carries a heavy heart and some dark secrets; all of his belongings fill just one small suitcase. A country boy who doesn't speak the King's English, he's willing to work hard and keep his head down. He finds that opportunity as a flatland ranch hand helping Russell and Lora with the chores and their cattle in the Missouri Breaks in eastern Montana. The family provides him with work, renewed faith, and a respite from his troubled past. They introduce him to Eileen, a beautiful, confident red-head. Their courtship revolves around working the land and the ranch, as well as truly learning what it means to be a family under the grace of God. MONTANA STORIES tells a fictional story of the joys and sorrows of the seasons of ranching, cattle drives, hard work, a clean life, and good morals"

"Little Graveyard on the Prairie" By Steven Wedel

Little Graveyard on the Prairie
"Harley Shaw's life is falling apart around him. His best pasture is ruined. His cattle are gone. His wife is gone. His daughter is gone. His sanity is slipping away, and there may be dead people taunting him. Dead ain't gone, and gone ain't dead. After his land was ruined in oil speculation, Harley's wife left him, taking their young daughter with her. Harley had to find a new source of income, so he began selling all-natural burial plots on his secluded farm. But the bodies aren't where they're supposed to be. Now the souls of the dead and visions of Harley's own past are threatening to make him lose his mind."

"Spirit Horses" By Alan S. Evans

"In the hills of Tennessee, Shane Carson, a gifted, nationally-recognized horseman, is living the good life. When a mysterious mustang shows up on his farm, Shane doesn't know how--or why--the horse appeared, but the horse's distinctive brand identifies her. She is one of the Spirit Horses, a rare, wild herd that runs free on the Shoshone reservation in Wyoming. Watched over for centuries in the tribe's ancestral valleys, these exquisite horses, according to belief, provide a link to the afterlife.When tragedy strikes in his life, Shane nearly loses his will to live--but for one promise he made to his young son: to return the mustang to her rightful home.On this bittersweet journey, Shane finds a world where tradition reigns, and ancient beliefs transcend modern logic. In this magnificent expanse of blue sky and wide open spaces, love is alive, but hate, intolerance, and greed threaten to close in.To make good on his vow, Shane must face the danger that threatens these horses, the tribe's legacy, and his destiny."