The Cooper Collection


Cooper collection

Bill Bernico

Bill Bernico is the author of one novel and more than two hundred sixty short stories including a hundred and sixteen stories featuring three generations of his Los Angeles detective family, Matt, Clay & Elliott Cooper. I have already recorded several of his books and stories and more are in process.

Already Released

"Cooper Compilation"

Cooper Compilation

Five more great stories about Cooper Investigations, a Hollywood-based Private Investigation Agency. There are five short stories with over 4 1/2 hours of recorded material. Stories included in this collection are " End Of An Era.","Cooper Generations", "You Ought To Be In Pictures", "Nothing To Sneeze At", and "To BB Or Not To BB".

"Cooper Times Five"

Cooper Times 5

Five more great stories about Cooper Investigations, a Hollywood-based Private Investigation Agency. There are five short stories and almost 6 hours worth of recorded material. Stories included in this collection are " Its Worth A Shot.","Memories Are Made Of This", "Mysterious Ways", "Mention My Name in Sheboygan", and "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service".

"Cooper Times Three"

Cooper Times 3

Three complete stories about the famed Hollywood sleuths - Cooper Investigations. Included are "Nut Job" where a boy with a toy causes unforeseen havoc on Hollywood Boulevard, followed by a look back to Matt Cooper's days on the force and his adventures with Lieutenant Dan Hollister and finally, Bill Bernico's terrifying jump into Horror with "Hell Is Other People. There is almost four hours of riveting entertainment in this collection of short stories

"You Ought To Be in Pictures"

You Ought To be in Pictures

Clay and Elliott Cooper are hired by a movie studio as extra security for an on location shoot. The studio head promised them a $200 bonus if they'd rush a special movie camera back to Hollywood ahead of the equipment trucks. They almost make it back in one piece when they are confronted by The Hell's Angels out in the desert. Clay Cooper has to think fast to talk his way out of this situation. But that's what comes with age...the ability to think on your feet.

"A Ten Pack of Shorts"

You Ought To be in Pictures

To date I've written 10 books. Most are compilations of short stories. 98 percent of those stories are already uploaded to Amazon and the other two percent of the stories were too short to sell individually. Solution: combine the 10 shorter stories as a 10-pack, which this is. Within this one audiobook you will find 10 shorter stories guaranteed to entertain you.

"Cooper Generations"

You Ought To be in Pictures

Matt Cooper's back...somewhat. That is, his son and grandson open the story at Matt's graveside, paying their respects to the legendary detective. It's now 2012 and Matt's been dead for ten years. His son, Clay and grandson, Elliott now run Cooper Investigations and they're hot on a double murder case.

"Nothing to Sneeze At"

Nothing to Sneeze At

It's a long holiday weekend and Clay Cooper decides to take his son, Elliott fishing. As they sit there peacefully in the boat, Elliott sneezes and Clay automatically says, 'Bless you,' prompting Elliott to question the whole superstitious custom and how it came to be. By the time he's finished explaining it to Dad, Dad has some questions of his own.

"End Of An Era"

End of An Era

It's 2002 now and Matt's 91. Clay is 52 and his grandson, Elliott is 22. Elliott wants to be a writer and has asked grandpa Matt if he and his private eye exploits would like to be the subject of his first book. Matt agrees and tells Elliott the story of how it all began back in the 1930s. This story starts in 1934 and has Matt telling of his beginnings in the Chicago Police Department, his move to Los Angeles, his beginnings in the Los Angeles Police Department, his first marriage to Stella and life after her death. If you've been following the Matt Cooper series, this story may help fill in some of the blanks you may have been wondering about.

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